Superior Riding

We are all looking for a boat with superior riding qualities: easy planing, soft and dry rides along with the ability to keep on track. Geometric limitations of the conventional V bottom makes it difficult for normal aluminum boats to own all these properties simultaneously. Thanks to forming technology, Morningstar Aluminum Boats are able to have all by incorporating designs that used to be exclusive for modern fibreglass boats.

These include bow-to-aft reverse chines, twin planing strakes, and a true variable deadrise on its single-piece bottom plate. This gives Morningstar Boats the ability to plane easily, stay on track, and give you soft and dry boating experience.

Easy and Stable Planing

When you push the throttle, the outboard engine will drive the boat forward, while the water gives the boat a lifting force to plane. Bow-to-aft Reverse chines and strakes on the Morningstar bottom plate help to conserve more lifting-force and allow the boat to plane quicker and increase its cruising stability.

Superior Traction

The axe-like forefoot allows Morningstar Boats to cut into waves briefly, while deeper V near keel slices in water creating a stable track. When turning, particularly at high speeds, the last thing you want is your boat slipping sideways and not making the turn as you would expect. The reverse chines and strakes on Morningstar bottom plate act like tire treads on your car wheels. These help to hold the boat steady.

Soft and Dry Ride

You will be impressed by how soft and dry rides work on Morningstar boats. The axe-like forefoot and deep V give a smooth entry. Flattened V, strakes, and reverse chines act like brakes gradually slowing down the boat and preparing for another raise. At the same time, water is deflected away from the boat at a very low angle, giving you a soft and dry ride.


Second Chine, flared side plates, and extra-volume bow area design give you a second line of defense when confronting rougher water.